niedziela, 12 maja 2013

Starting today

I'm starting this blog hoping it will help me develop my tarot skills.
I used to be interested in Tarot, astrology and mineral stones even as a child, but later my interests faded. Only last year in Autumn my Tarot fascination rekindled. I bought my first deck in the nineties, when I was a teenager - it was a Polish deck, known as "Jasniak deck", for the author's name. A book was attached to it and it was very interesting to me, but finally I found it too difficult with non-illustrated pips and so little information on how to actually make a reading. Back then, it was my only source of Tarot knowledge, but alas, now it changed, because we have Internet now! :) I don't know exactly why and how it happened that I remembered my old Tarot interest and started searching for new sources. I learned a lot from a great forum called Aeclectic Tarot Forum

I read mostly for myself and sometimes for friends and family. Just recently I started exploring the marvels of Marseilles Tarot.

I believe I'm not very good with blogs as opposed to journaling (I've been writing my diary for 21 years now...), but we'll see how it works!

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