niedziela, 26 maja 2013

On my way to publish

I'm still trying to publish my novel as an e-book on one Polish platform, but it turned out there are obstacles, such as having to acquire an ISBN number and some difficulties before uploading the EPUB version.
How will the ISBN thing go? IX The Hermit
Advice for ISBN process. Queen of Swords
How will the platform thing go? 10 of Wands
Advice for the platform process. Ace of Swords.

The ISBN process will require a looot of patience... But I shouldn't give up, maybe also take some advice from a female writer I know. The uploading process will be a pain in the ass... A lot of work, I mean ;) But if I don't give up, I should be successful.

Oh, I just got the answer from the ISBN fellows - they require that I send them a paper version of application form, because the one I filled in and scanned is not enough for them, obviously. They can send you the numbers by e-mail, but the form must be on paper... A perfect Hermit with a white beard!

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